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Reducing poverty through agriculture

Cllr. Masechaba Tsoloane, a member of Communications & Special Programmes Standing Committee, yesterday handed over 50 KGs of potato seeds, 100s seedlings (Spinach, Carrot, Beetroot, Green pepper, Onion, Cabbage, butternut and turnip) to Bophelong Support Group at Ned village in Ward 25.


Municipal employees currently assisting prospective students with registration funding to any higher institution of learning.

COMPULSORY DOCUMENTS TO BE ATTACHED ON THE APPLICATION 1. Matric Certificate/statement of symbol. 2. Acceptance letter from University. 3. Confirmation of payable amount for registration fee. 4. Proof of residence from the ward councillor. 5. ID Copy (s)/death certificates (if deceased) /affidavit in the case of single parent• Student ID Copy• Parents ID Copies. 6. Proof of income• Letter from SASSA if parent/s or guardian is earning grant• Affidavit of unemployment or self-employed of the parent/s or guardian • Three months Bank statement of the parent/s or guardian • Confirmation of employment from the employer of the parent/s or guardian• Random physical verification will have to be conducted where needs be • False information will lead to disqualification

We have empowered our youth with skills!

Mavuso Shabalala, is today a qualified Engineer, working at EThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, thanks to Matatiele local municipality youth skills empowerment programme. Shabalala is one of more than 500 young people from Matatiele, who have benefitted from municipal skills empowerment programme. The young man from Nkau village in Matatiele had no one to take care of his university tuition fees after he passed matric at Mariazell High School. With unemployed parents and as the first born at home, Shabalala’s academic determination drew him to the municipal offices. “To be honest, I was just trying my luck, I didn’t think I could really get help to enrol at varsity”, confessed Shabalala. 

Currently this programme has produced Accountants with CA articles, Agricultural Scientist, Engineers etc. The Municipality promotes scarce skills and therefore the bursary programme focuses mainly on students studying towards BSc. Electrical Engineering, Bcom Accounting, Bachelor of Agriculture. Bsc Electrical Engineering, Bsc. Civil Engineering, a Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning.

In its quest to radically improve education levels in Matatiele, and prepare young people’s entry into economic activity, Matatiele local municipality has over the past few years implemented various programmes. This, in an effort to reduce unemployment, whilst ensuring young people contribute towards growing the economy of Matatiele and that of the country at large. Since 2014, the municipality has enrolled those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Matatiele local municipality achieves electrification target – all Wards electrified!

Matatiele local municipality continues to radically address service delivery backlogs, with electricity being one of the main priorities.  More than 3 500 rural households have been connected to the national electrification grid. Witness to this are the people of Tsitsong, Mohapi, Black Diamond, Pamlaville, Nkungwini, Kwa- Matias, Goxe, Khohlong, Mateleng and Nice Field.

Electrification beneficiaries in Matatiele also include, but not limited to people of Zitapile, Afsondering, Mandastone, Siphola, Lufefeni, where eight hundred and forty households were recently connected. Thlakanelo village is one of the 2019/2020 fiscal year electrification programme recipients, with ninety-seven connections from R70 177.00 that was allocated to the municipality by the Department of Minerals Resources and Energy.

The municipality has managed to reduce the electricity backlog which was sitting at 45% in 2015 to less than 25%. So far, about 89% households across all wards have been electrified, leaving only 11% households not connected to the national electrification grid.  Nearing towards completion stage, are Qili, Makhoba, Mahareng and Chere villages.

Cedarville Multi-Purpose sports complex

Construction of the state of the art sports center with artificial turf for the soccer and rugby field. The center boasts with an eight lane athletic synthetic track, change rooms, clear-vu fencing walkways, sub surface drainage and swimming pool (planned for the next phase).

The municipality spent about R8.8 Million in the construction of two bridges at Freystata- ward 15

We dedicate this one to our six angels. Children from Ndongane and Nxonjeni villages in Freystata, aged between six and eight years drowned whilst crossing the river on their way home from school.

What makes the situation even more disturbing and hurtful for us as the municipality is that we have on the 24th of January introduced the contractor that will construct a bridge at the Nxonjeni stream (where the incident took place). The contractor is already on site, as you can see their site office by the river side. All this, is an attempt to ensure safety of our children and community members at large”, said Mayor Mbedla (March 2019).

We’ve kept our promise – we have delivered services to you!

Surfacing of 5km surfaced road including installation of storm water pipes as well as inlet and outlet structures at Maluti Township in ward 1. Fifteen local people were temporarily employed.

Construction work currently underway: Maluti internal streets, 5km surfaced road at West street (including the bridge), Taylor Street, School Street, Mayors walk, Feete Street, Seymor Street, Station Road and Woltemade Street





In 2016, Matatiele Local Municipality Council adopted it’s 5-year plan with the main focus on infrastructure development. Through this plan, the municipality’s aim was to transform the economic landscape in Matatiele, while simultaneously creating significant numbers of new jobs, and strengthen the delivery of basic services. As such, more than R274 million has been invested in building new and upgrading existing infrastructure, with a special focus on access roads, bridges electrification. In the 2018/19 financial year completed projects included; Nomgavu Access Road, Epiphany Access Road, T13- Zwelitsha Access Road, Mabheleni Bridge, Matatiele Sports Centre, Mountain View Internal Streets, Matatiele Internal Streets(CBD) Phase 2, Ngcwengane Bridge, Freystata Bridges, Nomgavu Bridge, Cedarville Sport Centre, Sijoka Access Road and Lagrange Pedestrian Bridge.

FY2019/20 saw people of Maluti, Cedarville, Maralakeng, Nkasela, Moiketsi, Mohapi, Mdeni-Manzini and Mkhemane benefit from the new and upgraded roads.