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Budget & Treasury

The core function of this directorate is to ensure sound financial management.


Sound and Fraud-Free Financial Management and Services


To establish, implement and maintain norms and standards required to generate funds through fostering a sense of responsible citizenry in order to meet legislative and mandatory obligations.


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty


“Financial Services with Integrity”


  • To ensure a fully capacitated organisational structure to address powers and functions roles and responsibilities.
  • Initiate priority skills acquisition in line with JIPSA.
  • To accommodate customers care functioning within office space requirements.
  • To ensure that the Matatiele Local Municipality remains financially viable through:
  • All properties on the General Valuation Roll and receiving Municipal Services are properly recorded on Billing Database.
  • Tariffs are modelled on cost recovery.
  • Reduce outstanding debts.
  • Improve debt collection rate in line with National Norms.
  • Reduce debt turnaround period in line with National Norms.
  • Enhance revenue base.
  • To enhance financial management practices within Matatiele to sustain the institution as a going concern.
  • To ensure that the Service Delivery Model is premised on credible cash backed Budget Framework.
  • Ensure 100% receipt of funds registered in the DORA.
  • To ensure that the municipality maintains its Unqualified Audit Report status Address all matters associated with Audit Report.
  • Address all matters associated with Audit Report.
  • Present Annual Financial Statements to Auditor-General in compliance with Section 126 of MFMA
  • Strengthen oversight functioning – performance of SDBIP
  • To maximise and streamline IT functioning



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039 737 8198
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