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Office of the Mayor

Powers & Duties

  • Presides at meetings of the Executive Committee and signs the minutes of its meetings.
  • Designates appropriate duties to the Deputy Mayor.
  • Decides when and where the Executive Committee will meet,but if a majority of the members request the mayor in writing to convene a meeting of the committee,the Mayor must convene a meeting at a time set out in request.
  • Receives input on Council`s Integrated Development plan from the Municipal Manager,tables this in the Executive Committee, conveys the recommendations of the Executive Committee to Council for approval of an Integrated Development Plan.
  • Receives the Auditor-General`s report and deals with it in terms of the relevant legislation.
  • Performs all duties in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act relative to the processing of the draft annual budget.

Position: Mayor

Cllr. Sonwabile Mngenela – The Mayor

Contact Details:

Telephone Number:
039 737 8101


082 491 4248

039 737 3611

Email Address: