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Matatiele: The Area was initially a wetland occupied by a flock of ducks, on arrival of mankind the birds flew away, and it was said that one man commented that the birds have now fled “Matata-ayele” and settlers can then move in.
Brief History of Matatiele: On their journey from Uniondale to No-Man’s-Land, Rev. Williams Dower and his family camped at Matatiele where Basotho chief Mekwai, had his kraal on top of the mountain. The next day he held a service beneath the only tree on the flats below for the benefit of the Basothos. Mr O’reilly was the only white man in that area and acted as magistrate.


From this time until official annexation of East Griqualand by the Cape government in 1879, life in Matatiele progressed, first buildings that were build in Matatiele were: Taylor Bequest Hospital, Royal Hotel, Town Hall, Standard Bank building, King Edward High School, an Old building which is currently a museum, that details the local history,  a modern Public Library forming part of the attractive civic centre run by the municipality was opened in later years. In 2004 the new library was opened in Matatiele Municipality building.

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